la palma


Vineyards and bananas plantations,

rugged volcanoes and clear night skies.

La Palma is a wild and pristine paradise.

190 km


6.450 m+

70% unpaved
18 hours

The climb to Roque de Los Muchachos starts on the shore and climbs by old gravel roads in the pine wood to reach more than 2300 meters altitude. It’s an epic climb, but all rideable and never exhausting. The route then descents on fast gravel roads all the way down to Tazacorte beach to climbs again in the volcanic landscape of Cumbre Vieja. A steep downhill to Santa Cruz closes the loop and completes the trail route.

Santa Cruz was founded in 1500 as the last European port on the way to the Americas.   

Caldera de Taburiente is an old massive crater surrounded by the highest peaks on the island. The eastern slopes are usually shrouded in the clouds, the rain filters all the way through the western side of the mountains forming springs, streams and waterfalls. 

Cumbre Vieja is the result of old and recent volcanic eruptions. A unique landscape made of green pine trees contrasting with black lava flows and red volcanic gravel.

The Night Sky is well known for its clear atmosphere and no light pollution. The mountains of La Palma offer exceptional conditions for stargazing and astronomical research. The observatory at Roque de Los Muchachos hosts some of the most sophisticated telescopes in the world.



Camp: El Pilar (water, wc, showers, bbq)

Accommodation: Hotelito 27 50€ Santa Cruz, Hacienda de Abajo 170€ Tazacorte, Hostel Vagamundo 17€ Llanos de Aridane Albergue Casa Jurado 20€ El Paso Parador de la Palma 120€ Breña Baja