rider manual

Download the rider agreement HERE

You can sign it with a digital certificate in Adobe Acrobat without wasting paper. Otherwise, print, sign and scan.

Mail the signed agreement to, please include your name and cap number in the mail subject.

If we don’t receive your signed agreement within one week before the start you will not be able to take part in the event:(

Please PayPal 70€ tracker device deposit at 

Include your full name in the payment note.

The deposit can only be paid and refunded via PayPal – if you don’t have an account ask a friend to pay the deposit

If we don’t receive your deposit within one week before the start you will not be able to take part in the event:(

The tracker shall be returned at the finish line and the deposit will be refunded during the week after the event.

If you don’t make it to the finish line please ship your device to:

Matteo Minelli X9662971G

Calle Los Buitres, 6 – Nazaret

35539 Teguise

Las Palmas, Spain

Accreditation and Briefing
Sat 18 March – any time from 18:00 to 20:00

Ermita de Orzola, Lanzarote – It’s a small church, just outside town.
We will give you the participant kit with the GPRS  tracking device.
You can give us a small bag to be delivered at the finish line in El Hierro.

Grand Depart
Sat 18 March – 22:00
Ermita de Orzola, Lanzarote – It’s a small church, just outside town.

Riders will start in small groups ordered by cap number

Cut off time

There’s no established cut-off time. We will be at the finish line until next Sunday 26 March

There’s plenty of time for all the participants to complete the route.

After that, participants will have to collect their bags in an established facility and ship back the tracker device.

We will transfer small bags and backpacks (max 30 litres – 10 kg) from the start line in Lanzarote to the finish line in El Hierro.

If you don’t make it to the finish line we can ship your bag to your home address, shipping costs will be at your charge.

The bike box transfer is not included in the entry fee.

This service is only available as a package including hotel accommodations in Lanzarote and Tenerife.

The bike box will be delivered at the hotel in Tenerife on Friday 24th after 4pm. 

This service is subject to limited availability, please find all the information and the booking form HERE.

You can buy a cardboard bike box in Tenerife, Los Cristianos for 25-30€ at Bike Point or FreeMotion

Pease check availability.


– GPRS tracking device, check instructions here bellow.

– Numbered Cap

– Numbered stickers for your bike

– Numbered tags for your bag. 

– Some gadgets from our partners. 

The device shouldn’t be stored next to other electrical devices or under other equipment.
The device is water resistant but not waterproof.

Turn on your device at least one hour before the start: press and hold the little button on top and leave it ON during the event.
The button on the front is not active. GREEN led blinks if the device is ON. RED led starts to blink if the charge is below 10% (recharge it with a USB-C cable) the battery usually lasts about 5 days.
Once idle, the device goes into standby mode to save energy, and LEDs go off. Once the device detects movement, LEDs start blinking again.

Please return the tracker to our staff at the finish line.

The Audax follows the GranGuache Gravel route from Lanzarote to El Hierro, with some minor differences.

Please wait until Thu 16 March to sync or download the definitive route:

1. Lanzarote

2. Fuerteventura

3. Gran Canaria

4. Tenerife

5. El Hierro

Log into your Komoot Account, or create one.
Activate your 3-month Komoot Premium account at with the code you received by email.
Explore all the features of your premium account, you are now able to access offline maps, check the weather forecast along your rides, plan multi-day tours, and create personal collections.
Save the routes to your profile and sync them to your GPS device, or download the gpx files from komoot.

It’s not easy to control a 700km route on 5 islands. In case of closed roads, you can find your way to turn around the interruption and join the official route again.

There are no water sources except bars and restaurants. During the night there are no resupply options.

1 – Lanzarote
No resupply options if you ride at night.
2 – Fuerteventura
Expect hot weather, resupply in Pajara at km85
3 – GranCanaria
km 0, Las Palmas – work in progress on the cycling path, find your way out.
km50, Ingenio- extremely steep climb ahead.

km 100, Tirma – unpaved descent with exposed sections, take extra precautions at night.
4 – Tenerife

km 20 -> 60 Anaga: Cold and wet weather
km 50 – La Esperanza: Resupply, remote section ahead.
Some sections of the fire roads in the forest may be temporarily closed for maintenance, the closure is usually meant for cars, and bikes can pass by.
5 – El Hierro

km 40 Frontera: Resupply, remote section ahead.
km 70 -> 80 Pico Malpaso: hike-a-bike sections in windy and foggy weather. 
km 110 -> 120 the last descent is steep, exposed and usually windy. Keep it safe and don’t race or overtake other participants. Regarding the final results, we will consider your positions before this descent.

Finish line – Timijiraque is a small town on the beach, there are showers and a bbq area, one good restaurant and a mini-market.. nothing else.

Accommodations nearby: Casa Omayira y Nacho, 30 €/night – Parador del Hierro, 130 €/night

It’s an easy route in a well-developed country. The main challenge is the elevation gain and the eventual weather.
The Audax is focused on the experience and the community rather than the final results. You will not get any medal or finisher diploma.
We could impose penalties or disqualifications after the observance of the Audax rules.
We will not necessarily answer calls, messages or emails during the event.
Weather conditions are obviously out of our control.

Sleeping kit:

Sleeping a few hours at the harbour before the ferry leaves will make a big difference, we recommend bringing a minimal sleeping kit.


The route includes a considerable elevation gain and some steep climbs, we recommend low gearing.

40-45mm wide and fast tires are a good trade between speed and comfort.
With 50mm you will be even more comfortable. – Bikes Of will publish a list of bikes of GranGuanche Audax Gravel.

You can send a description of your bike and gear with a nice picture HERE   

Expect strong north wind in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Expect light rain between monday afternoon and tuesday morning.

Expected temperatures:

Sea Level -> 15ºC ~ 30ºC
1000mt -> 0ºC ~ 20ºC
2000mt -> -5ºC ~ 15ºC

The landscape is ever-changing because the weather is ever-changing.
Expect strong wind, heat, mist, rain and eventual snow.

You are allowed to book ferries before the Audax start and we recommend booking as it will save you time at the harbour and avoid queues at the ticket office.

Plan your Audax, target a ferry and book it! If you don’t make the ferry, you can always change the ticket for the next ferry with the same company, or ask for a voucher to be used in the following connections.

You will notice that ferry companies’ websites are not the most user-friendly. If they don’t let you book the bike, book for the passenger, you can always add the bike at the ticket office at the harbour.

Consider that you must be at the harbour at least 10 minutes before the ferry departure if you have a ticket, 20 minutes if you don’t have a ticket.

To make the most of the rest on ferries, use earplugs/earphones, and wear warm clothes.

Boarding and roll-off is not a race, take it easy and keep it safe.


On the connection from 2. Fuerteventura to 3. Gran Canaria:

The company Fred Olsen is doing some maintenance and may change the timetable on Sunday 20 and Monday 26.

This affects the 4 days pace that has been updated to the current timetable: there’s now a ferry on Sunday 19 at 20:00 – try to make it (avg speed 16 km/h)

Don’t scratch at night:)

If you decide to scratch from the Audax, please mail your decision to
Turn OFF your device (press and hold the little button on top).

1. Leave no trace

Leave everything as you found it, or better.

Respect Natural Parks rules, don’t cycle or step outside the official paths.

Camp only in camping areas and never start campfires.

Dispose of, remove and recycle waste. Respect animals and plants.

Audax’s direction takes this rule seriously, if we have any evidence of Participants not complying with these principles, we will immediately impose disqualifications.

2. Be nice to people

Be considerate of others, there is no space for racism, sexism, homophobia or any other kind of discrimination.

Rescue of any other Rider injured or in danger is the priority.

Audax’s direction takes this rule seriously and will immediately impose disqualifications.

3. Audax and Self-support principles

In the spirit of Audax, participants are allowed to draft each other. This will encourage participants to ride in groups between ferry connections, plan stages, and share meals and accommodations.

Participants are not allowed to assist, support or resupply each other and must not receive any 3rd party assistance, private lodging or resupply.

Accommodations or any service can be booked by Riders only after the event starts.

Ferries can be booked in advance before the event starts to avoid long lines at the ticket office.

Audax’s direction approaches those principles with common sense and an open mind but still can impose penalties or disqualifications before, during and after the event.

4. Safety and local laws

Riders must sign and agree with the rider agreement and be older than 18.

Riders are fully responsible for knowing, observing and complying with local laws.

Small parts of the route may be forbidden for cycling, Riders are responsible for pushing the bike across those sections.

In case of road interruptions or closures, Riders are responsible for finding a way to turn around the interruption and join the official route again.

Observance of local laws has priority over following the route track.

5. Tracking

Riders should follow the official track from start to finish. If they temporarily leave the route they must return to the point they left. The tracker file will validate each ride.

Riders are responsible for their tracking device. If a device is switched OFF or dies because of low batteries the participant will be considered withdrawn.

6. Insurance and Responsibility

Audax Direction will not provide insurance, emergency rescue or marshall. Audax Direction will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur to you or other parties.

Riders must have liability, death, accident and health insurance covering emergency extraction and repatriation valid for the whole duration of the event. We will ask for a copy of your insurance before the event.

7. Code of Honor

A fair and safe Audax depends on fair and honourable Riders.

Here we will upload pictures before, during and after the audax:

GGAG2 – Media

Download before sharing. Please mention the event and the photographers:)

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