4th Edition


30 March 2025


800 km


+ 17.000 m


3rd Edition

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2nd Edition

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1st Edition

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Adam Palin
Adrian Niski
Alex Kowalski
Ali Elamrani Joitei
Chariel De cock
David Masip
Graham Bryce
Guillaume Bourgeois
Ian Kowalski
Jakub Wolf
Maarten Vanhaverbeke
Marco Zanirato

Steve Morabito
Tomas Vajdiak
Yanick Ueltschi

Alvaro Madrazo
Amy Holman
Blair Benjamin
Cecilia Thomasson
Christiaan Pol
Emilio Castro Crecente
Daniel Townend

Ive Van Nuffelen
James Wong
Lázaro Méndez Alonso
Leon Weissmann
Robert Hofmann
Robert Huebser

Arturo Milazzo
Dana Wolf
Daniel Mendez Barrao
Goffard Camille
Joie Philippe
Jorge Cebrián Bonastre
Stafford Marquardt
Tim J Stoddard

The GranGuanche Audax Gravel is a self-supported, single-stage, fixed-route, endurance cycling event across the Canary Islands. It’s not a race, it’s a collective adventure and a personal challenge to finish the route. There’s no cut-off time, there are no prizes, no medals, no brevet cards or finisher diplomas. The Audax is focused on the experience rather than the final results.

It’s a demanding route for experienced riders as it includes serious climbs, high mountains, and remote areas. Experienced means well-trained, technically skilled, and wisely equipped. Exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and night rides add even more risk to a challenging ride. Participants are fully responsible for their safety and logistics.


The Audax follows an extended version of the GranGuache GRAVEL route from Lanzarote to El Hierro for a total of about 800km and 17.000 mt climb.

The route mainly goes by on gravel roads and secondary paved roads but includes rocky single tracks, sandy sections and about 1-hour hike-a-bike. It’s open to any kind of bike, we recommend gravel bikes with low gearing and min 40mm wide tyres.

More information and recommendations about the route.

The Audax pace is the challenge to connect all the scheduled ferries in a non-stop ride, it’s only achievable by ultra-cycling athletes, the entry fee will be fully refunded to every rider fast enough to make it.

Sun – 1st Day – Audax starts at 13:00 // Lanzarote

110km +2.100m » Next ferry in about 6h – Avg speed 18km/h

Keep a steady pace, the route includes a few single tracks and short hike-a-bike sections.

≈ Ferries: Lin Romero 18:30 (30min), Armas 19:00 (35min), Fred Olsen 20:00 (25min) – Last Ferry

Sun – 1st Night // Fuerteventura

160km +2.600m » Next ferry in 12h30min

The route generally goes on fast gravel roads but includes a few single tracks and short hike-a-bike sections. No resupply options at night.

≈ Ferry: Fred Olsen at about 08:00 (120min)

Mon – 2nd Day, 2nd Night // Gran Canaria

250km +6.000m » Next ferry in 20h

The route mostly goes on secondary paved lanes but includes gravel roads and short rocky sections.

You may have time for a few hours sleep at the harbour, the ferry is the next morning.

Tue – 3rd Day // Tenerife

≈ Ferry: Fred Olsen 06:00 (80min)

170km +4.500m » Next ferry in 9h25min – Avg speed 18km/h

It’s the big challenge of the Audax pace.

The route mainly goes on fast-rolling gravel roads and secondary lanes.

≈ Ferry: Armas 17:30 (165min)

Tue – 3rd Night // El Hierro

We stop for the night

Wed – 4th Day // El Hierro

We start riding the last loop at 06:00

120km +3.600m

You will finish around noon, the ferry back to Tenerife is at 14:00

Saturday 29/Mar/2025 – 15:00 to 18:00 Lanzarote, Costa Teguise :: Accreditation (not mandatory)

Sunday 30/Mar/2025 – 11:00 to 13:00 | Lanzarote, Orzola :: Accreditation and Briefing

Sunday 30/Mar/2025 – 13:00 | Lanzarote, Orzola :: Grand Départ

There’s no established cut-off time. We will be at the finish line until the next Sunday. There’s plenty of time for all the participants to complete the route. After that, participants will have to collect their bags in an established facility and ship back the tracking device.

Because of the nature of the islands and the lack of facilities at the start and finish line, there will be no official pre-event gathering or finisher party.

The entry fee is 280€.

The Audax will be open to a maximum of 99 participants.

Participants can only register as SOLO, there’s no PAIR category.


GPRS tracker device rental and live tracking will be provided by followmychallenge.com

A refundable deposit of 100€ against tracker device loss or damage will be required for each rented tracker to be paid on PayPal the week before the start. The deposit will be refunded via PayPal when the tracker will be returned at the finish line.

Personal GPRS and SPOT devices will not be tracked.


Small bag transfer (max 30 litres – 10kg) from the start line to the finish line. If you don’t make it to the finish line we can ship your bag to your home address, shipping costs will be at your charge.

NOT Included


Bike box transfer.

Ferries: the route is connected by 4 ferries for about 200€.

Insurance: you must have liability, death, accident and health insurance covering emergency rescue and repatriation. Insurance must be valid in Spain for the whole duration of the event and include cycling activities. We will ask you to provide a copy of your policy.

In case the rider has to cancel:

Before 15/Oct/2024: 120€ refund.

From 15/Oct/2024 to 1/Dec/2024: 60€ refund.

After 1/Dec/2024: No refund.

The entry is not transferable to other Audax events.

In case the organization has to cancel:

If the Audax has to be cancelled under Force Majeure events like natural causes, social actions or infrastructure failures, there will be no refund.

Fly to Lanzarote – fly back from Tenerife South

The route starts in Lanzarote, just a 40km ride from Lanzarote airport.

The route ends in El Hierro, a small island with no international flight connections. To fly back home, you must take the ferry back to Tenerife and fly from Tenerife South airport.


The route requires some planning in stages and resupplies, as it could be a long ride to the next town.

Water sources are scarce, so you must buy all your water.

Please find more information about the route HERE

Bike box transfer is available for an extra fee.

With hotel accommodations.

Available from 250€ pp –

Including hotel accommodation in Lanzarote and Tenerife

Booking and information here.

(service is subject to hotel availability)

Without hotel accommodations.

Available for 60€ pp –

Only bike box transfer, provided by Vadebicis bike shops

Drop your box at Vadebis Lanzarote – 4 km from Lanzarote Airport (ACE) // Pick it up at Vadebicis Chafiras, Tenerife – 4 km from Tenerife South Airport (TFS)

Booking and information here.

(before booking, please check each bike shop’s open times and closure days)

1. Leave no trace

Leave everything as you found it, or better.

Respect Natural Parks rules, don’t cycle or step outside the official paths.

Camp only in camping areas and never start campfires.

Dispose of, remove and recycle waste. Respect animals and plants.

Audax’s direction takes this rule seriously, if we have any evidence of Participants not complying with these principles, we will immediately impose disqualifications.

2. Be nice to people

Be considerate of others, there is no space for racism, sexism, homophobia or any other kind of discrimination.

Rescue of any other Rider injured or in danger is the priority.

Audax’s direction takes this rule seriously and will immediately impose disqualifications.

3. Audax and Self-support principles

In the spirit of Audax, participants are allowed to draft each other. This will encourage participants to ride in groups between ferry connections, plan stages, and share meals and accommodations.

Participants are not allowed to assist, support or resupply each other and must not receive any 3rd party assistance, private lodging or resupply.

Accommodations or any service can be booked by Riders only after the event starts.

Ferries can be booked before the event starts to avoid long lines at the ticket office.

Audax’s direction approaches those principles with common sense and an open mind but still can impose penalties or disqualifications before, during and after the event.

4. Safety and local laws

Riders must sign and agree with the rider agreement and be older than 18.

Riders are fully responsible for knowing, observing and complying with local laws.

Small parts of the route may be forbidden for cycling, Riders are responsible for pushing the bike across those sections.

In case of road interruptions or closures, Riders are responsible for finding a way to turn around the interruption and join the official route again.

Observance of local laws has priority over following the route track.

5. Tracking

Riders should follow the official track from start to finish. If they temporarily leave the route they must return to the point they left. The tracker file will validate each ride.

Riders are responsible for their tracking device. If a device is switched OFF or dies because of low batteries the participant will be considered withdrawn.

6. Insurance and Responsibility

Audax Direction will not provide insurance, emergency rescue or marshall. Audax Direction will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage that may occur to you or other parties.

Riders must have liability, death, accident and health insurance covering emergency extraction and repatriation valid for the whole duration of the event. We will ask for a copy of your insurance before the event.

7. Code of Honor

A fair and safe Audax depends on fair and honourable Riders.

Other pace scenarios are just a planning resource,

not an achievement.

Sun – 1st Day – Audax starts at 13:00 // Lanzarote -> Fuerteventura

≈ Ferry to Fuerteventura: Romero 18:30, Armas 19:00, Fred Olsen 20:00

Sleep in Fuerteventura

Mon – 2nd Day // Fuerteventura -> Gran Canaria 

≈ Ferry to Gran Canaria: last ferry at about 18:00 (120min)

Sleep in Gran Canaria, Ingenio

Tue – 3rd Day // Gran Canaria

Sleep in Gran Canaria, La Aldea de San Nicolás

Wed – 4th Day // Gran Canaria -> Tenerife

≈ Ferry to Tenerife: Fred Olsen 16:00, 18:00 or 20:00 (80min)

Sleep in Tenerife, La Laguna.

Thu – 5th Day // Tenerife -> El Hierro

≈ Ferry to el Hierro: Armas 17:30 (165min)

Sleep in El Hierro, Valverde

Fri – 6th Day // El Hierro

You will finish on Friday evening.

On Saturday there is no ferry back to Tenerife, you will have to wait in El Hierro until Sunday.

Sun – 1st Day – Audax starts at 13:00 // Lanzarote

Sleep in Lanzarote, Playa Blanca

Mon – 2nd Day // Lanzarote -> Fuerteventura

≈ Ferry to Fuerteventura: first ferry in the morning.

Sleep at the harbour in Morro Jable

Tue – 3rd Day // Fuerteventura -> Gran Canaria

≈ Ferry to Gran Canaria: first ferry in the morning.

Sleep in Gran Canaria, La Aldea de San Nicolas

Wed – 4th Day // Gran Canaria

Sleep in Gran Canaria, Tejeda

Thu – 5th Day // Gran Canarias -> Tenerife

≈ Ferry to Tenerife: Fred Olsen 14:00 (80min)

Sleep in Tenerife, La Laguna

Fri – 6th Day // Tenerife – El Hierro

≈ Ferry to El Hierro: Armas 17:30 (165min)

Sleep in El Hierro around Valverde

Sat – 7th Day // El Hierro

Sleep in El Hierro

Sun – 8th Day // El Hierro

You will finish on Sunday Morning, the ferry back to Tenerife is at 15:30

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