canary islands

The Canary Islands are much more than sun and sea, this route aims to bring more interest in the archipelago’s ever changing landscape and rich heritage.

GranGuanche takes form while cycling long distances over the continent and exploring the archipelago. The idea is inspired by ultra-cycling events, adventures like Torino Nice Rally, and routes like Montañas Vacías.

The route design is based on local knowledge, the GR131 walking path and established bike races tracks.

Like everybody else, Matteo learned to ride a bike as a kid, and never quit. After many years and countless miles, he is still amazed by the gyroscopic balance given by the spinning wheels, the instant pleasure of moving forward pushing on the pedals, the endless freedom of climbing mountains and crossing the landscape.

Daniela likes the most adventurous and challenging part of cycling, she won extreme ultra-cycling races and explored remote countries on her bike. She likes to ride far away from her comfort zone, camp out in pristine nature and get in touch with local communities, always with an easy-going attitude and open-minded approach.

Ventu is passionate about cycling and everything that surrounds it. As a cultural agitator he tries to transmit his passion through the podcast ‘La Escapada Cultura Ciclista‘ and organizing cycling-related events. He is the Audax director, in charge of the tracking system and the logistics. Also, he compulsively drinks speciality coffee.



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